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On November last year I posted a comment referring a very interesting article that I read in the NY Times about Ms. Angela Paolantonio, an Italian-American professional photographer who started a journey in the encounter with her ancestors and the cultural differences she found there, also I remarked the incredible life example that she represents as someone who faces a challenge and gets the courage to make her wishes come true. Since then, I've been happy that people who often read my blog found interesting this information.

As incredible as it can be, last week I received another comment regarding that post from Angela Paolantonio in person who googled her name and got through my space. I'm so glad that she found me and tough I wrote that article in Spanish I'm sure she could have a broad and clear impression of what I think about she. This is undoubtly one of those reasons that pushes me to go beyond with my site and keep believing that there are no limitations to accomplish my goals.

Below is attached the comment she did, also, you can read the whole note here.

L' Americana ha detto...
Wow. Thank you for posting my story as told in the NYTimes...I am very moved that you were moved too by my experiences finding love and beautiful simple life in the village of my ancestors. True we lead a much more complicated more commercialized life in the US to be sure...The only comment I would like to impart is I do not see myself as having a 'routine job' or 'solitary life' life is full of friends and family here too. Just that there, in Italy the town of my roots it has more emotional history, ancestral and spiritual anima a pure feeling of belonging. I love the reference to Isabel all her work as well as GGMarquez...Dare I say I have lived this epic story and yes southern Italy is closer to this aura of mystery of life. An amazing journey I hope to tell too...'
Mille Grazie - L'Americana

In other issues, my life has taken an outrageous turn since I moved with my bf to his family's house and I'm in the process to move my last remaining stuff, He is a man that I admire so much and I'm totally sure that this is a wise & well-worthy decision, I don't drink anymore and we spend our time watching art movies, visiting interesting museums. He also teaches me piano & at the end of the day He reads a story for me while I fall asleep in his arms... wow! I'm really happy to met him, sweetie, I LOVE YOU!

PS. I'll be sort of distanced from the web for time reasons but I'll keep on visiting my blogstars.

Mille Baci!

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